Costs teachers can expect to pay while they are on exchange. Fees and costs vary by country, so we provide a range of costs to encompass all of the countries that Educational Partners International, LLC serves. All costs are listed in $USD.

EPI pays these fees for our J-1 visa holders:
Sponsor Fees
Placement Fees
Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Fees
Foreign or Domestic Third Party or Partner Fees*

EPI will never charge you an application fee!

100% of EPI teachers are paid on the same salary scale as US teachers.

J-1 Teachers with EPI make a monthly salary (12 months) between $2,916 and $5,416 before taxes and withholdings. Salary is based on experience and placement location.

See Net Salary Estimates

Monthly Cost Estimates

Estimate of Monthly Costs for a single J-1 Visa Holder while in the United States of America. Costs will increase based on family size.
Cost Low High
Insurance Costs Estimates $75 $300

Insurance costs are based on an average formula derived from the Affordable Care Act. The age of the policyholder is one of the few characteristics insurers are permitted to use for determining health insurance premiums. A large portion of health insurance costs will depend upon the amount of coverage a plan provides as well as where the participant lives.

Food Costs Estimates $271 $301

Food costs are based on the “low-cost plan” taken from the Department of Agriculture report Official USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels. This plan is the second-least-expensive of four types of food plans and assumes almost all food is bought at the grocery store and then prepared at home. The USDA food plans represent the amount families need to spend to achieve nutritionally adequate diets.

Housing Costs Estimates $504 $950

Housing costs are based on the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s fair market rents, which represent rents (shelter rent plus utilities) at the 40th percentile for privately owned, structurally safe, and sanitary rental housing of a modest nature with suitable amenities. Studio apartments were used for one-person families, one-bedroom apartments for two-adult families, two-bedroom apartments for families with one or two children, and three-bedroom apartments for families with three or four children.

Transportation Costs Estimates $475 $712

Transportation expenses are based on the costs of owning and operating a car for work and other necessary trips. The National Household Travel Survey is used to derive costs based on average miles driven per month by size of the metropolitan statistical area or rural area and multiplied by the cost per mile, as provided by the Internal Revenue Service.

Potential Costs

Applicants to the EPI Program may incur some personal costs to their collection of documents necessary to prove eligibility for a J-1 visa including credential evaluations ($150-$260), visa application fee (currently $160), proficiency tests related to certification (currently $90-$200), and criminal background check. Program participants will be charged a $200 paperwork processing fee for J-2 dependents. These costs are directly associated to the person and may range in value depending on the country of origin and/or residency.

* Third Parties are limited to official partners of Educational Partners International, LLC (EPI) designated by EPI.